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Free Download Resident Evil 4 MOD v1.0.4 (Unlimited Purchase) Apk

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RESIDENT EVIL Full English Version APK + DATA
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Resident Evil 4 CAPCOM Andrews transplanted version of the famous game Resident Evil 4. This version is CAPCOM official English version.

The story happened in the end of the Raccoon City incident six years later, actor Leon Kennedy, the identity of the United States Secret Service, part of the President, his latest mission is to save Ashley, that is, the president's daughter, this time umbrella the company has been closed down, Lyon face the enemy is a group of ordinary people, but have been injected with a special type of parasite, these people hide behind an organization, the organization has kidnapped Ashley's purpose is to control the United States President method is to Ashley injection parasites, in order to control her, so as to further control the President of the United States, for the organization to seek ulterior interests. Resident Evil 4 biggest feature is the degree of interaction with the background, the most obvious point game items considerable part not directly point of view on a map of, but stored in a variety of containers, such as wooden boxes, vases being, and some items in the nest on the tree, or stick to the wall, players shoot a gun to appear, these changes will undoubtedly greatly enhanced interactive games, players not only take the map to kill enemy puzzle screen some inconspicuous place to be seen, so as not to miss the treasure, and in some cases, players can not the same interaction with the background, such as jumping through the window, jumping off the hook, oil lamps kicking down the ladder, these players can make the research process more interesting

Resident Evil 4 MOD v1.0.4 Unlimited Purchase
Size: 78  MB
Required android: 2.1 and up
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RESIDENT EVIL Full English Version APK + DATA
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Download Free Download Resident Evil 4 MOD v1.0.4 (Unlimited Purchase) Apk